There is a growing global movement of companies that belive it´s their responsibility to create products that we can enjoy while knowing their net impact is helping to reverse climate change. It started with products but what if future can have not only climate positive products but also companies, pepole, societies and even a planet. That all our joint forces can help reduce the overall green house gas emissions in the athmospere and together we can help to restore the climate.


MAX was founded in Sweden in 1968 with the vision of being the best burger chain in the world. Max's mission is to make the world a little better, both by serving the best tasting burgers and by doing good in society and for the world. We believe being the first to offer climate positive burgers is a good step in the right direction.

Mevo was founded in New Zealand in 2014 and launched Australasia's First free-floating car share in 2016. Mevo has committed to being climate positive from day one and believes that the freedom to move around the cities we call home should be the driving force for a better climate and future. 


Since 2005, our customers have been an important part of the solution to the climate crisis and poverty in the world. Our mission is to drive positive global change by delivering climate positive and renewable energy certified with the Nature Conservation Association's Good Environmental Choice label to Sweden's most satisfied electricity customers. We are 100% owned by GoodCause, a Swedish foundation, that establishes companies whose profits go to charity. So far, we have generated over SEK 54 million for non-profit organizations such as MSF, the Child Cancer Foundation and the Swedish Society for Nature Conservation. 

Our goal is to have a many other companies register their climate positive products over the coming months.