Three Steps


If we’re going to keep global warming under two degrees, we need to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and, at the same time, remove some of the carbon dioxide we’ve already emitted. In other words, becoming climate neutral is not enough. For our products to be climate positive, climate positive companies must take action in three areas:

1. Measure 100 % of emissions:

All greenhouse gas emissions are included in a climate positive company's calculations. This means measuring emissions from the start of a products life through to it's disposal. Including the base materials, transport, embedded energy, and lots more (all of it).

2. Reduce emissions:

Simply measuring is not enough. Climate positive companies are continuously reducing the emissions generated in association with their products.

3. Capture at least 110% of emissions:

Capture emissions through various means such as planting trees that absorb and store carbon dioxide from the atmosphere as they grow. Not only do climate positive companies carbon offset all the emissions from their products, they go further to capture the carbon dioxide equivalent of at least another 10% of their emissions. This means they are helping reduce the overall levels of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere. is requiring products to meet the world's only independent standard for carbon neutrality ISO 14021 however, offset a minimum of 110% of emissions.

How MAX is Climate Positive

How MAX is Climate Positive