A global register of climate positive products established by two pioneering companies - MAX and Mevo 


Clipop.org has been established to provide a single and clear definition for what a climate positive product is and give consumers a single location and find products that help to leave the climate better.

There aren't many products in the register yet, but there could soon be more, particularly if you tell companies you buy form or work for that they should create climate positive products.

Clipop.org was created by two companies who believe climate positive products are a must for our future. MAX serves climate positive burgers in six countries (Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Poland, Egypt, and United Arab Emirates) and Mevo is provides climate positive car-sharing in New Zealand. 

The aim of clipop.org is to register climate positive products from all over the world, so that people who want to help stabilise the climate with their wallets can find products that help them do so. We want clipop.org to be owned by a not-for-profit organisation and we'll give it to the right partner when we find them. 

MAX and Mevo are on opposite sides of the world and came up with exactly the same idea at the same time. This is an idea who's time has come. We call on other companies to step up and join us in helping to fix the climate. We who are part of the problem must also be part of the solution.